Bruno Walterbacher Saxophone Lahr neuwerkhof 9
77933 lahr / germany
telephon:  +49-7821-37505
schedule by appointment
Our repair shop is at the disposal of all musicians requiring
our service. We repair all kinds of saxophones, clarinets and
flutes and are also able to satisfy your personal whishes regarding
the tension of the springs (pressure), the kind of pads used, the
resonators, the opening of the keys etc. Customized keywork or
other changes can also be carried out.
  Ralph Baumann, who assists me with the public and also in the
repair shop, studied saxophone at the Swiss Jazz School in
Bern. His musical career has taken him to New York, amongst
other places. Professionals as well as saxophone-fans and
beginners appreciate his expertise when purchasing an instrument.
If you are looking for an instrument, if you wish to sell one or have one repaired, just
send us an email. We will pleased to satisfy your requirements!